Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apocalypse Then

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Friday, May 20, 2011



I am asking everyone of you to PLEASE write, call, fax, email the following key people in the 6 counties and the 26 counties asking them to please use their good office and write a letter to the Northern Ireland Office asking them to issue Gerry McGeough an immediate pardon.

Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, Gerry has lived a peaceful and productive life. He is an accomplished Irish speaker and a promoter of Ireland's unique culture and heritage. He put himself through university, graduating from Trinity College, Dublin with an Honors Degree in History in 2003. The following year he attained a Higher Diploma in Education from University College, Dublin and went on to teach history.

Gerry is the former editor of the Hibernian Magazine, for faith and country, President of the Tyrone County Board of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and a devoted husband and father of 4 children from the Brantry area of Tyrone.

In the past two years, Gerry has suffered two heart attacks due the stress of a four year long dragged out politically motivated trial ending with a 'guilty verdict' and a 20 year sentence on April 1, 2011.

Gerry was and still is a supporter of the peace process and this man should be given an immediate pardon and allowed to return to his family. SEND LETTERS, FAXES, EMAILS OR CALL - BUT PLEASE DO IT NOW!

Mary McAleese
President of Ireland
Aras an Uachtrain
Phoenix Park
Dublin 8, Ireland
Tel # 353-1-617- 1000
Fax# 353-1-617-1001

An TaoiseachEnda
KellyGovernment Buildings
Merrion Street
Dublin, Ireland
Taoiseach's private office:
Tel # 01-6194020
Fax# 01-6764048

Owen Paterson
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Office
Stormont House
Stormont EstateBelfast, NI BT43SHe
Tel # 028-9052-0700
Mr. Richard Holland
Northern Ireland & International Division
Department of the Taoiseach
Government Buildings
Upper Merrion Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

I ask all members of the Ancient Order of Hibernian's to also contact:

Cardinal Sean Brady
c/o Very Rev. John ConnollyAra
CoeliCathedral RoadArmagh, NI BT617QY
Tel # 028-3752-2045
Fax # 028-3752-6182

Asking him to use his good office, as well, to contact the Northern Ireland Office to issue Gerry McGeough an immediate pardon.

Thank you.

Helen McClafferty