Saturday, August 7, 2010

Like it Is

I have a new game that I "like" to play when walking around the city. Whenever I'm crossing a street alongside two or more young women, I count the number of times the word "like" was said by the time they get to the other side.

Although this is mainly a young woman's condition, I've noticed that many young men are also prone to peppering their conversations with the word, especially when conversing with a young woman. Perhaps they use it as a way to "get down" to her level?

Occasionally I'll just explode. Like the time I was trapped in an elevator with two "like"-minded ladies. When I suddenly started spouting the word over and over, they stopped talking and looked at me with consternation. When I explained that hearing the word drove me nearly crazy, one of them even agreed and apologized, offering the excuse: "I guess I can't help it because I hear the word all the time". To which I replied: "Well so do I, and that's why I don't use it!"

It's like some kind of like Generation Gap.

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