Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Noellee Nothing But...

Noellee Nothing But... LLC is a new handmade jewelry company founded by Victoria Gonzalez. Victoria considers herself creative and artistic, always wanting to dedicate herself to creating "art"; however it was not until about 4 years ago when she began creating her own jewelry that she felt she had found the passion she was looking for.

Every piece she made was thoughtfully and meticulously made and able to be worn by all types of women. Her creations, of which there are no two alike, have always been admired by friends and family with expressions such as "very feminine", "fashionable", "striking", and "expressive"...pieces that make a woman feel feminine and admired.

Wanting to share these feelings with as many women as possible, a year ago she took the advice of many and ventured out to create her own home-base company. Her beautiful daughter was the inspiration of the name Noellee who told her "Every woman should wear nothing but Noellee, if they want to be noticed".

Hey not such a bad idea when it looks this good. Have a look...

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